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Deep Yin

it takes a few slaps sometimes, until you get the message …


The semicolon

Lucrezia’s lover, and some of the things he and his homies did

redemption is just one way of saying

my job is to pull you back from the brink of darknessprotect you from the prince of shadowsshow you the flower in all seasonskeep you

So, what now?

I find myself asking this question after reading stories like this one by the late Michael Kreca. This information is not new to me —

The Ancients said:

“And I wish that I were not any partof the fifth generationof men, but had died before it cameor had been born afterward.For here now

Thinking about my brothers

The army drums cut off human travel,A lone goose sounds on the borderland in autumn.Tonight we start the season of White Dew,The moon is just

A new leaf

As you can see, I have changed a few colors on the blog. let me know what you think. I have been writing for

Good Morning

Whatchyallknowbout Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings? Just finished Natural Born Lover and moving on to Stranded in yo’ Love And this album makes me


Ni zai kan ma?? Ni GUADEBUDELIAO! dajia dou xiaode.

They roundin up Hobos!

Bout to watch the Return of the King. Again. And the only reason I want to do it now is to get the full account

i got brothers

i have been many things in my life, some good, some bad and some ugly. i have seen my brothers be those as well. what

This shit really happens

In the Sanctuary in Oakland with my main men Big Scott and Johnny Frizzle. Today we tore the house up to try and find my

The Wagon Part Deux

in darkness and in light even as alli said in the last post is true, so is the sweetness of the old lady and the

The Wagon

I have a day off today so i am in a cafe catching up on things and trying to get into contact with people. somehow

Bumpin Raekwon & Drinking Dew

My sister is in Paris alone … hoping that my old friend will visit and show her around, listen to her and give her a

last night with a frozen bottle

after all that lonely lashing out ended, i dreamt of a castle i was in, under attack from buffoons shooting dynamite into the air. it

My Oasis

A brown hen named Gary gives a flapping sqawk and makes a dash for the cherry tree in my backyard. Her two speckled girlfriends shoot


The past two nights i have been drinking Yellow Tail Shiraz with my old high school buddy Maximillian. He was one of my first and

off work early

i am better in group situations, then one on one cuz in one on one I am too eager to revealI like to pass around

Workin at Pok Pok

So for the past few weeks I have been working in the shack at the famous Thai spot called Pok Pok in Portland, on 32nd

She was my affair with Portland

and even though the morning afternoon and evening held sunshine sweet sunshineoh lord the nights were demons in my bellyand i walked on creaky wooden

Rape is the Consort of War

That just kind of came to me earlier today while reading this story here about Somalis in Minneapolis becoming “radicalized” and then heading back to

What it is

Drinking my favorite Honey Dew tea in the dungeon thinking about home births and bike rides. yesterday i biked aimlessly and ended up near Powell

Tea Tasting last Sunday

Last Sunday I invited a group of friends over to Paul Rosenberg’s tea temple for a tasting. Paul runs Sacred Teas, a service for those

What sammy said last night

I need to record this fool, kinda like my Native-Black-Polack-Commie homeboy Charlie. Last night Sammy came back from the mini mart and said: “dude, mini-marts

I like that “feelin it” style

thats what my boy grant said to me a long time ago while we were in his dj dungeon listening to a little known dj

Tea with Amy

My sensesjostle for pole position in my brainvarious species of dewbrimstone, lilacs and porcelaini look up at a sunny Portland skyand it smells like raini

Three Mountain Teas

I went to Mengding Mountain yesterday and took a LONG trek to find my Honey Dew Green supplier Bai Ting Ting (Xiao Bai) just so

Happy Easter ya’ll

Thanks to all my peeps who commented on that digital vagabond proposal. Here is a piece I wrote about the Mexican War on Drugs about


So let me try and explain whats going on here: My main woman Nicole went through several years of servitude and now, finally, the work


You know i don’t ask much of you all, but i need anyone who peeps this blog to go here: Chachie’s Proposal! read my proposal

If Babylon falls in my lifetime

Nicole be twitterin with Questlove these days cuz he is in P-town freezin his ass off … i mean it aint that cold up here

the Cali sun

is hard to locate not because the clouds are there, but because they’re absent. I haven’t seen a sky like this one in I don’t

I know why women trip

Motherhood. Its motherhood ya’ll. Before being a mother, girls trip on the intense biological forces that take over all thought and emotion and drive girls

throw a stone or move

Sigh. How many times do we read something like this over coffee/tea in the mornring, imagine charging or throwing a stone at a rich man’s

The Sack of Long Beach

I am working on this chapter right now and i am finding it quite difficult. i want to convey the deep desire of the pirates

watch out now

funny funny, i talk about the beatnuts, pop open Itunes and my song’s on. howz that yo?its hard for you to swallawhatcha gonna do? you

me and the devil sluggin it out

so yo, I have been dwelling daily on a tea business. I started out thinking that I was going to get a van, pimp it

whats goin down

this is what i’m reading and i am thankful for a bucket of blessed mobility. because this is why i aint been writing on here

I got emeralds in my cup

When o when will the weather cease to drive me down into my dungeon? Its hailing outside right now. And its got that dank and

I take my music whereever I go

because I’m just so in love with it. I beatbox walkin down the block a lot and sing in easy soul rhymes. My gait loses

I remember playin BB guns

My man Riz. I remember when his goofy big toothed ass showed up in Chengdu and immediately girls were following him around like he was


Courtesy of my man Charles “Himmler” Moseley:

Speaking of holograms

I play World of Warcraft. But since i understand that massive multi player role playing games can be detrimental to your health, i try and

The Universe is a Hologram

I was tipped off to this article this morning by meeks shuckafunka and about four paragraphs down is the word “eidolon.” I wrote a story

Remember the Neocons!

Because now they want you to believe they never existed. The WSJ talks about it and here in the Washington Sketch is a funny little

In Defense of Piracy

Today’s NYT has a story about the Beijing Silk Market and the struggles between big names brands and the pirates that knock-em off and slang

Dai Shi Men gong fu will never die

Here is a story i wrote about Dai Shi Men gong fu school for the South China Morning Post. I can’t link the story because

The 72 down 82nd

I got all dressed up for a meeting downtown. walked in the drizzle two blocks to the mini mart and ran across 82nd in front

leaving Mipples

so its bout time to go and i had a good time in the Twins. I saw several old school homies like Tshisuaka and Jake

Every step of the way

I realized something very profound this morning and i am going to try and explain as best i can. it began when i thought about

i hear voices

So after a few days in the Twins aka Manyasspolice aka Mipples aka Minneapolis … I have the following to say: 1) It aint even

balance in the force

Does anyone find it strange that all the Jedi never considered their own purge as the means with which the force would achieve balance? i

what a pleasant morning

Those who do not use the hours before dawn are fools. i woke up dreaming of a fine fine situation, then flipped on the computer

my achin back

So i have to admit. Last night i put 15 pages down, but when i was done i logged in to World of Warcraft and

i might as well drop it

So i been working on this epic novel and such and as the days go on the story gets more fun to mess with. I

now its really on

The downturn just hit my household. The main breadwinner int he house stands to lose her job come April. Her bosses are pretty unimaginative when

Some travel stories for that ass

Matador is jumping off the chains and the hook and the fence and cliffs and all that. here are some stories posted recently, check em

the devil strikes back

right after that last post, i went through all the times i felt i was betrayed or hurt or wronged by my best friends and

I have memories of a Golden Age

when empathy ruled and misunderstanding had not yet been conceived. Isn’t it amazing how women and men revolve around each other like lightning struck ions

Peep This

Here are some stories coming out of … They are doing a great job with their articles and site and I am on board


I knew something would come up to brighten my day …

The Whipping Boy

I sent a mass email out the other day to get people to sign a petition to have 1 million given to every citizen in

Broke Fat White People

Last night I was minding my own business at my man Q’s house in the Pearl District when I get drunk-dialed by Sammy’s ass. He


Strippers wanna be watched, stared at, lusted over and dreamt about. Strippers watch themselves in the mirror and wish they could throw some ones at

One Second Encounters

I left the Council of the Monkey in Pai and headed north through Laos to China. The other council members headed south to bangkok for

El Lay

Chillin in El Lay and I must say the women here are so fly and so cute and wearing clothes that i got to get

Peep This

Here are a couple stories I have been writing for This is my list of cities for singles and here is the “companion piece”

to the twang of a slow guitar

Chillin with my main menwe found some new friendsa million voices to heara million lips to reada million eyes to look into me and my

Pirates with no Boat

I hereby claim “Pirates with no Boat” as my intellectual property. It does not matter if you read this post or not, the title now

its my birfday

and me and sammy have just taken our sweet time dealing with a heaping plate of biscuits and gravy at this spot down the road

What is this really about

Now that Obama has won, the focus shifts to expectations for dramatic change and improvement across the board and the historic importance of the first

A message from Progress

You are Progress. Speaking of progressive, i remember when Obama first started moving toward the center, i said he was a coward and a sellout

They Still Don’t Get It

Last Christmas I went to visit my parents in Germany and I told them then that Obama would win the White House. My Dad said

Hipsters vs. Superdorks

My man Himmler and me have this ongoing discussion about Macs and Pcs and which computer is doper. Now the arguments are getting a bit

I reiterate

its transition time and i am getting my room painted, my workshop set up and my routine established. dreams of off the grid cribs become

The Last Debate

I listened to McCain very closely this debate, just as I listened to Sarah Palin very closely during the celebrated VP debate. I did this

What some people find solace in

This story is getting passed around the elderly, all-white, businesspeople circle that i have a toe in. I think they may be smug about the

Village People in the Twilight Zone

On the night of the Fall Equinox, in the hills of northern California, beneath an ancient oak tree, surrounded by leaves, herbs and Tribe: I

Go Longhair!

I was in Hong Kong during the WTO Ministerial in 2005 — here is part one of a four part series I wrote while i

Picture me Laughin

Political ads … why am i headed back to the US again? the McCain girls are great for a morning pick-me-up …

peep this

Yo: I urge you all to check out this video by the Hanyuan B-Boys … they put it down for their town and have all

A Few China Stories

I am in Qingdao now, chillin with my man Li Du and a large group of artists and musicians for the “Twin City Art Show”

Rage against the dying of the light

or just post some love on yer blog and send it through the underground. i remember telling some young Chinese friends about the Tank Man

And of course: Dashed Hopes

Liu Xiang is injured and will not compete. He has been injured since at least May, when he had his last competition. In China, an

And of course: the Man Fish

I bet this dude puffs mad herb. Now, if we find out that he does, will he be stripped for doping? “Once you reach the

Dirty Spaniards

This didnt even make the rumor rounds in China until today … doesnt seem to bother anyone that much yet … i think people here

Day 2 – The Hustleman

Yeah its always the same wherever I go. i become Red from the Shawshank Redemption. I am now in the ticket business and it is


I think i really dropped it on this one … peep it and holla back! (Do i need to translate any American slang for you

Hey Ya’ll

… my people will hear me though…

Bombs in Kunming

Reports came in this morning that at least two bombs destroyed two buses in Kunming, capital of Yunnan Province. Although unconfirmed, the word is that

Sucked in

Every week or so i find a new web tool for this blog. I am trying out the “share me” button, even though I myself

Might as well face it

“Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen it …” I always loved that line. So much power and confidence. A calm declaration laced with pride.

China has no orphans

Today i sloshed through the rain to Du Fu’s Cottage in Chengdu to attend a meeting of poets and lyricists. About a dozen read their

She’s just a young girl …

I met a woman a few months back in the city of Yaan, renowned for rain, fish and beauties. She’s a young music teacher at

The Min River

The Min flows down from the Tibetan Plateau, through Dujiangyan where a 2000 year old irrigation project splits the river into two parts: one headed

Some mo’ Sichuan Hua

So i will try and put a few good Sichuan Hua phrases up here from time to time … such as this fine one right


here are some pics that are circling the chinese blogosphere. The police and government officials in China haven’t changed one iota. They are doing their

gotta ease back

Tomorrow is chill out time with my kitties. Ima ride my bike around and beat Tenzin in chess. mad love


for those confused about the time of my posts, i had it on pacific time.

earthquake hits the DU!

i was in the middle of a shave when an earthquake hit and the whole neighborhood spilled out onto the street. here is a pic

love atcha

here are some pics of my kitties. there are three surviving kitties and the two sisters take turns licking and caressing the lil kitty-cats. i

Chinese activism

this is about Migrant Workers jumping from buildings to protest corrupt ass developers who refuse to pay salaries. its a spoof in Sichuan Dialect.

Ba bu Ba Si

I am down with Sichuan Hua.

holla at me

does anyone out there work with alternative fuels/renewable energy on a large scale — research, investment, development, promotion over breakfast at the sunny side up


China is really making it hard for the foreigners these days. All visas are a big pain in the ass — my main man in

Doublespeak and Bullscat

Politicians truly are amazing. In China it is fitting that the government spokesperson is a woman, Jiang Yu. In Chinese (and every other) society it

noone can f*ck with my tribe

just got off the horn with a one of my tribe’s elders (hahaha) and it feels damn good. crazy shit is in the mix …

who is the more foolish?

my people are busy lamenting, yet also enjoying, the brainwashing others have endured. it feels good to consider oneself free and to have a target

Chongqing: Luan jiu Luan!

So aside from the young people running around China in support of their country and the Pennsylvania race goin down to the wire, i feel

all too short, the distance mist travels …

glimpses of my other worldmemories become feelingsi am caught in mid-thoughtbreathless as they whisperthe feeling is strongestwhen they’ve already floated away like grinning urchins tugging


my man on the road.

i must say

today was a good day. didn’t even have to yell or scream. no violent threats, no mean muggin. I spent the last three days in

we are all whores

Essence Jackers are the people I deal with on the daily. They jack my essence, corrupt it, as they themselves are unsure of what they

my revolution

Today was a very hectic day. i got up early and shaved my scruff and pinned back my hair like a girl, cuz its just

childhood trauma

there are two songs which i feel may have traumatized me for life: a lil jingle sung by good ole Goofy in the one about

late bloomers

i think i represent the peter pan element in all generations. there are many of us. and we are generally smiled upon from on high

Greasy Hair

my hair is getting long again. it is my last hurrah before baldness forces me to shave what’s left in order to be “bald, but

When compatriots meet

I went to the restaurant Talk the other night, on recommendation from resident Baller Dave B. I borrowed some clothes from hakim because mine were

tea baggins

well well well in the Du got my house almost clear of cat shit. garbage is piling up but i have a plan. the toilet

its a high price to pay

It is now the second day of Chinese New Year here in Dali and the fireworks have subsided somewhat. On the sixth, we gathered at

The Delicious Slide

You can feel it when it comesVoices cry out in defiant anticipationThey rub their hands gleefullyThe party is about to startPlaces everyone One said it


maybe its just because i stood next to him once at paisley park .. maybe its cuz i rocked it so many times at his

me and sammy at the speakeasy last night

We are having our customary American Coffees at Salvador’s this morning. Sal’s is one of the finer cafes i have ever experienced in China. The

The devil came down to Clifden …

“The devil came down to Clifden, lookin for a soul to steal, he was getting kinda low and don’t ya know he was willing to

mountain pics

well … here they are. pretty white boxes for you to click on. i guess they will take you to the pics on my worthless

my tummy hurts

Friends and enemies alike, i wait with bated breath for the outcome of my latest missive. A plea have i tossed, into the ring, for

grumble grumble

well i have tried to put pics up here for days now. i went through picasa and checked out what the deal is — heard

river lake people

i have been trying to put a few pictures of my trip into the mountains online but they always end up sideways. i will be

in the mountains

don’ worry i will add pics in a bit. i arrived from amsterdam sunday afternoon and went to my man tenzin’s house and eased back


last night i spent most of my time dreaming i was a stand up comedian. the audience was overwhelmingly black and i was in georgia.


yeah i be trippin. but here with my bro in adam its all good. we toured the city and its beautiful, even the ancient hos

to A’Dam

In four hours, my plane leaves for Amsterdam. actually six hours, but i have an hour long train ride ahead of me. i just got

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