What sammy said last night

I need to record this fool, kinda like my Native-Black-Polack-Commie homeboy Charlie.

Last night Sammy came back from the mini mart and said:

“dude, mini-marts are like bugzappers for lunatics. And in our neighborhood, there be lotsa lunatics.”

its true. If you hang out all day at the minimarts you’ll see people surviving/thriving offa deep fried garbage and snacks. In fact, i am guilty. i am a lunatic. i get zapped. i be eatin $1.49 packs of tortillas with the eggs i steal from Nicole’s chicken coop. but recently i have been bleesed cuz Nikki and Sammy decided to bury the hatchet with quiche and salad. two days in a row. so now i eat good. if they keep fighting and making up, i’ll keep moderating and fillin my belly.

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3 thoughts on “What sammy said last night

  1. yeah, and you only have to dole out the occasional illicit favor to keep the moderator job. what with the three fertile hens, cherries falling from the tree and some crazy long asian green beans starting to pop off in the garden, chachin' really is quite easy…

  2. Hi Sascha,

    Thanks for inviting us to your amazing tea tasting the other day! So much fun. I think your passion for tea will translate into great business. It really opened my eyes to the nasty crap 'tea' I routinely drink. So hurry up and open your tea house so I can buy some. I put a little post on my food blog:


    Also, here's my little company!

  3. thanks alot, i would love to open the spot tomorrow but i dont have enough cash and i am in the bank loan process right now … as for crap tea, just remember you're drinking a plant, so the fresher the better.

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