me and the devil sluggin it out

so yo, I have been dwelling daily on a tea business. I started out thinking that I was going to get a van, pimp it out Thai style and then roll around Portland dishin out love. It doesn’t work like that for a variety of reasons. So then I looked at my plans and numbers and realized that my ORIGINAL idea, which was to open a shop and have a van that I could cruise around in when the opportunity presents itself, was a much wiser course of action.

So then I looked at what it would take to get a retail shop going. All of the permits, regulations and Food Handler Card tests that I found necessary for a van, also apply to a retail spot.

And also a retail requires a much more substantial investment of capital. I got rent, re-modeling, health inspections, a kitchen, inventory, tables and chairs, etc. So this began to daunt me. I started wondering: Oh Lord, what if this idea is too much for me to handle and I can’t get any of this done. I am just running after a shadow dream that sounds great to the people that don’t have to invest, but for me and mine, the ones who have to shoulder rent and such, its a pit that might just break me and send me running for the hills again.

So I slugged it out with the devil all weekend. He said, fool, you can’t do this. My spirit rebelled and we went toe to toe. This morning, we sat down over a plate of one-eyed jacks and a cup of jasmine tea and talked it over.

he was like: sasch, my man, I don’t really mean you any harm. I am just the harm within.
I was like: I feel you, devil, in more ways than colloquial speech.

And we agreed that he ain’t going anywhere and I ain’t either. Ain’t nothing easy. he was silent while a sang a little ditty to myself, then I went down to the Space Monkey and sold two ounces of Buddha Palm Honey Dew Green tea and my peeps were like:

We are down with Buddha Palm. It helps us get through.

And that’s pretty much all I needed to hear. I have a duty to do this tea thing. Just like I have a duty to write and holler at my friends and smile at pretty girls. Its just one of those things.

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Sascha Matuszak
Sascha Matuszak

4 thoughts on “me and the devil sluggin it out

  1. I got your back bro! Shawn said he’s getting up to Seattle to do some work on it this week and then try to get it down here soon. I’m excited to help the pimpin begin! Don’t get disgruntled yet you haven’t even seen the ride yet.

  2. girls/sports/hustle/lucifer, son of morning/le boxeur:

    yeah, pretty girls. went to the sports college yesterday to play sunday games (damn, i need to quit smokin) and was walkin on the pitch when a crew of girl footie players stroll by. when i turned to look back, so did two of them. damn, son. gotta love athleticism. keep up the hustle.

    saw this poster back in the day in cameroon of jesus boxin satan. knock ‘im out the box, chach, knock ‘im out, chach

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