whats goin down

this is what i’m reading and i am thankful for a bucket of blessed mobility.

because this is why i aint been writing on here recently.

Buddha Palm Teas ya’ll.

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One thought on “whats goin down

  1. That education article furthers my resolve that my choice of school for the kiddo is a good solution for all. In dual immersion schools, english language learners mix with english speakers 50/50, but they start out speaking spanish 90 percent of the time. So what you get at first is a reversal of what the immigrant kids experience outside the classroom — the english speakers are the ones who are looking at the world through a veil, at least for a while. But by the time the kids are in third grade the spanish speakers are fluent in english and the english speakers are fluent in spanish… and you have a whole lot of cultural understanding cuz they’ve been relying on each other as peers and friends while they do math problems, eat in the cafeteria, etc. Stay tuned for much more on this amazing program called dual immersion in upcoming editions of the oregonian… =)

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