Flode aka Superboy aka Fat Kim aka aka aka

I can’t say enough about this man. Love him. Here is a short description of him on the road in Colombia. Peace to Fat Kim!

They told (me) the car to Cabo would be here soon. A pick-up truck, stuffed with people stops shortly after. Probably 12 in the back, four in the front seat, all kinds of goods and luggage on the roof and three people sitting on top of all of it, one guy standing on the back , holding on . And styrofoam boxes with cold drink, cement, and more stuff amongst the people in the back.
I laugh (to) my self. ” FULL” thinking I will just wait for next one.
¡ VENGA ! ( come on) shouts a man, jumps of and throws my bag on top of the car. I take his place, standing in the back, he climbs up on the roof , and sits down on my bag, so it will not fly of. Almost like Asia I think to myself.
The way there is not too bumpy, dry, not much vegetation, and the little that exists is short and spiky, sharp. ochre yellow dust covers my feet and body, I try to cover my face with my t shirt. We stop several times and do ” deliveries” It was obvious that when people had the chance to get supplies, they shopped for a while. I help at every stop, carrying, soda, cooking oil, cement, luggage and more. This area is close to Venezuela and they sell polar cerveza at small shops instead of colombian beer. I find it a little bit ironic, coming from the cold north and all that they would call their beer Polar, and have a polar beer as a logo. Here in some of the dryest and hottest place I have ever been.
We finally arrive to Cabo de la vela. It is a interesting scene with ocean, beach, small wooden houses and shelters for tourist who wanna sleep in Hammocks. , desert behind ” el puoblo” Indians living in Rancherias before the landscape becomes mountains. We have dropped almost all people and deliveries of, “¿ a donde vas ?” ( where do you go?)asks the driver.

” mas lejos” I respond, waving with my hand signalising I want to go as far as possible.
He takes me as far as the road goes, I put my back pack on and starts walking. I feels great. I had earlier lived almost a week very cheap in my tent farther south in la Guijira provins. Eating fish for free every day, because I helped the fishers pulling in their nets, and beat boxing for the young ones.
” I am a nomaaad ” I sing to myself, very content.”

Sascha Matuszak
Sascha Matuszak

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