Linsey Williams, Minnesota MMA fighter, bends but won’t break

A look at the journey of female martial artist fighting for recognition in the Midwest MMA circuit

“Linsey Williams has tight, untamed black curls, and brown freckles spread across her soft features. Aside from these hints at her mixed-race heritage, the first thing one notices about Linsey is her physique, like Wonder Woman shrunk down a size, specifically designed for quick, fluid, beautiful movement.”

– “Linsey Williams, Minnesota MMA fighter, bends but won’t break,” Minneapolis City Pages, Nov. 18, 2015

This was a super fun story to write. I had been around the Midwest MMA world as a journalist for a while, then I got into it as a student, so being able to follow Linsey and Greg Nelson around for a few weeks was fun and educational.

Linsy is so cool, and such a beast, and we hit it off pretty easy. Watching her compete and whoop some ass, then be a softie with her then BF and fam was a treat. Getting to know Greg was also amazing – he’s a legend in the MMA and combat sports world not just for his knowledge but also his documented toughness in the face of real adversity. Sitting and speaking with this master was an honor and although I train at another gym, I respect the hell out of the Academy and everyone who teaches and trains there.

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Sascha Matuszak
Sascha Matuszak

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