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Discussing the Fire Rabbit Moon

I sit with Seanan Zook of @zhenwuastrology and talk about the second moon of spring, the Fire Rabbit Moon, which begins on March 10th and

Storytime with Sascha: Scratchel

This video is about the man who gave me the nickname Scratchel. It’s also about sex work and a bit of drugs.

Discussion: Year of the Wood Dragon

I sit with Seanan (Big Scott) Zook and talk about wood dragons and water rabbits and fire tigers and what it all means for us

Storytime with Sascha: Cold Noodles

A dive into the inspiration behind a story I wrote, Cold Noodles, about a small village during the Wenchuan Earthquake of 2008.


This is a little video I put together in a few hours after hanging out by this swimming hole on the Baptism River. Watching the

Deep Yin

it takes a few slaps sometimes, until you get the message …


thoughts on a couple recent dreams, and how they can or cannot help

Kham Temple

Storytime with Sascha: Rara Gyata

In this Episode, we visit Litang, in the Tibetan region known as Kham, where a bunch of nomads gather for the annual horse race and


The semicolon

Lucrezia’s lover, and some of the things he and his homies did


Chengdu: Mind

I put this video together with cinematographer Jeffery Weil and composer/editor Albert Yu for Ctrip, China’s biggest travel agency, and the city of Chengdu. It

Hainan Island

The Fat Man’s Belly

A story about Hainan Island, China’s tropical island getaway and the base for the country’s dreams of controlling the South China Sea

Fan Jianchuan Cultural Revolution Museum

Fan Jianchuan’s Obsession

I visited the greatest museum of modern memorabilia in China, and spent an afternoon drinking tea with the founder.

Coptic Christians in Egypt

Future’s So Bright

A few weeks in Cairo visiting a friend led to a tour through the Coptic neighborhood of Cairo, where all the city’s garbage goes to get stacked and sorted

Driftless Manifesto

Dive into the Driftless, one of America’s most unique regions – geologically, culturally, and otherwise …

Chengdu Breakdance

Chengdu: Body

Chengdu is Part 2 of the promotional travel series we did for Ctrip and the city of Chengdu. This video features great breakdancing shots from

Chengdu Candles

Chengdu: Spirit

Chengdu: Spirit is Part 3 of promotional travel video series we did for Ctrip and the city of Chengdu. This video features some cool shots


“This redbone mishmash has me forgetting the slushy confines of winter in the Twins. This morning I almost left my coffee behind. I spoke to

Violence in America

So I’m gonna post this video I found on Reddit. It’s being used by a few different types of people, each for their own end.

Nobody Speak, Nobody Get Choked

Life is a strange strange thing and it’s hard to sometimes stay rooted in place and believe that all of this, and you, and me,

In the heat of the night

Summer is a weird one. it’s hard to imagine working on anything tedious during these long hot months. Most likely due to the years of


Even this season will go by too quickly. Have we gone sledding enough? Why haven’t we hit up the frozen lakes with our skates yet?

Semiotics and Screenface

Got this new day job. I dress up real nice most days, sit in a cubicle like I swore I never would. and. stare …

The Sliver of a Moon

A waxing crescent above Lake of the Isles and the sky drifts towards darkness, crimson pink purple and orange on one side, the first stars

The Boys and Minnesota

The reason we moved back to the US is beginning to unfold, as spring takes hold, and the boys behold the burgeoning beauty of a

It’s April Again (Redux)

I spent most of last year refusing to look at this blog, while it festered away in purgatory, punished for being a low priority. For

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