Violence in America

So I’m gonna post this video I found on Reddit. It’s being used by a few different types of people, each for their own end. My end … I am not actually that sure what to write, because I am neither black nor a police officer, so I feel as if I am supposed to be on the outside looking in, at least according to how the discourse is being framed in this side-taking epoch we’re sliding through.
What I see here is violent crime, gun crime, families broken, tears.
The man at the beginning loads up the video with his views on BLM and black on black crime … that captain from Milwaukee talking about the work he does continues to frame the discussion we are supposed to be having … later, ostentatious funerals for police and street scenes for dead black men load it further.
Inoculate yourself to those cues and look critically at what is happening in America today: guns, gun violence and crime, division and boiling hatred, anguish.
See the content and not the framework. Division is on the menu at this restaurant but we don’t need to eat here.
My first thoughts on a solution?
Real Gun Control.
Sascha Matuszak
Sascha Matuszak

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