Some mo’ Sichuan Hua

So i will try and put a few good Sichuan Hua phrases up here from time to time …

such as this fine one right here:

zhaan hua’r kai huang qiang!

zhaan hua’r is that dude, wherever there is some commotion or excitement, his ass is there. talking as if he was the only one to witness/take part in whatever has everybody up in arms. “Man, i was just walkin, mindin my own biznass, when all of a sudden, these blonde women just started fallin from the sky all around me …”

kai huang qiang is what the zhaan hua’r says: bullshit. he be speakin, but everybody knows its just some made up self-serving nonsense.

literal translation: zhaan hua’r:standing flower; kai huang qiang:shoot a yellow gun.

funny note: kai also means open, so people here sometimes get a kick out of saying “open yellow gun!” at someone who is talking shit.

2 thoughts on “Some mo’ Sichuan Hua

  1. Is this guy talking ENGLISH???? I dont understand a word of what he is saying. Its true, England and the USA are 2 countries separated by a common language

  2. Sichuan Hua is the Sichuanese dialect of Mandarin Chinese. I used ebonisized American English to try and approximate Sichuan Hua’s relationship to Mandarin.

    (ie Ebonics is to English what Sichuanese is to Mandarin). Of course complete conjecture, but fun nevertheless.

    You feel me?

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