I have memories of a Golden Age

when empathy ruled and misunderstanding had not yet been conceived.

Isn’t it amazing how women and men revolve around each other like lightning struck ions repelling and attracting each other furiously? I find myself constantly saying shit like: women are absolutely insane. and weak. and needy. and insane.

and Q kinda clued me in to what might be the reason for all of this. Indian sages remember a time called the Golden Age when gender was irrelevant and we floated in harmony with ourselves, each other and the world. This is known in the West as Eden. Time flowed and the golden sages entered a new phase, a Silver Age, in which doubt appeared and questions arose. This is described in Genesis as the coming of the snake and the realization that we were nude. After we fell, society sought to right itself in what is called the Copper Age, in which women ruled over clans and tribes. But we were not yet done falling. Communication between the sexes shattered as men wondered, why are these soft funny creatures ruling over us, the warriors and hunters? And so this last stage is the Iron Age, the age of the male. In this age, conflict and misunderstanding are rife and we are at the extreme opposite end of where we began, in the Golden Age, when one human could look at another with love and smile.

So women — who we must all admit are closer to the divine, more in tune with the natural elements and who flow with the changing seasons on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis — re going insane. They reflect the insanity of a fallen people. Women are barometers.

And we all have memories of a time when this wasn’t the case. We carry the golden age inside and every now and then we make spectacular love, feel what our brothers and sisters are feeling, look into someone’s eyes and just know and know that they know … you know, every so often we get that good feeling baby.

So. If I am lucky enough to see the rebirth of a new society in a Golden Age of empathy then word is bond I can’t wait to be divine. But i have a feeling i will live and die in the Iron Age, when all around me is conflict and lies. I can feel layers of iron peeled on a daily, then smelt back on to me when i ain’t looking. We gotta remind each other of these things (love ya nicole, love ya sammy, love ya Q, love ya timmy ya punkass, love ya silly sill, love ya little man, love ya mom, love ya dad, love ya big tenz, love ya johnny, love ya doc, love ya flode, love ya anonymous …) and i need to find the love of my life so i can drown in the romantic foolishness of an ironmonger alchemist seeking gold.

(Accepting applications for Queen.)

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Sascha Matuszak
Sascha Matuszak

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