Day 2 – The Hustleman

Yeah its always the same wherever I go. i become Red from the Shawshank Redemption. I am now in the ticket business and it is quite fruitful. I will be able to see beach volleyball, tennis, baseball, some basketball (no USA yet) and some girls field hockey.

Ya’ll need tickets? holla at me. Ya’ll got tickets? holla at me.

I got these tickets “free” through various deals with the Dutch at the Holland House, the Americans over at Budweiser and this salty English gangsta-hustla who was hanging with his boys outside of the Bird’s Nest.

“This bounty hunter is my kind of scum.”

So its all good. I work like a slave every day though, but its a lot of fun. I get along great with everybody at the Holland House (heineken sponsored it so its a big party house — google the site, too tired to find the link) and i have become quite indispensable as the one of the few that can speak a few languages fluently.

The Opening Ceremony was amazing and it really gave us all here in Beijing a new and fresh perspective in the Games. I know now that they are sacred and beautiful and should be treated as such. Now the spirit of the Games may be a sacred force, but being human, we do our best to sully it with our slimy devlishness …

Such as all the hustlin I been doing: massages, cars, tickets, clothes etc etc if i were full time hustlin and not working as a smurf with skills for the Dutch, I would be having one hell of a time and makin bank. I will try, from now on, to squeeze them both in. I have just begun to see the possibilities. Means I can’t sleep though. Like ever. three weeks non-stop … word is bond.

Last night i walked to Tiananmen Square and met my people Zachary Mexico, Li Du, Anna the Persian Princess and Mr. Yunnan Jeff Crosby. We were raucous and loud and the Chinese gathered around us and took pictures. Every five minutes, companies of PLA soldiers would march by.

Its actually pretty funny, the ostentatious show of security belying the shy nervous looks on these young boys’ faces as they march past, staring at the head in front of them. I could walk up to a formation and throw a grenade in their midst. Instead i keep pace and beatbox to their rhythm.

We ended the night with hot pot and smokes. Anna took a great picture of me wrapped in a Chinese flag under some red lanterns smirkin. But then she erased it accidentally. thats right. erased it. (She has two Ivy League degrees …)

At the Heineken House I have noticed a great many fly Dutch girls …

East Asians are pretty funny with their displays of emotion. They do the mass chant and maybe a peace sign. Bang plastic stuff together. They sure aint Brazilian. I have noticed the Chinese staring in wonder at the supporters from around the world dancing, screaming, wearing strange costumes and painting their whole bodies in national colors. China wanted the Olympics so bad, now they have em.

Its still an international party though … thats the whole point. The Budweiser Party tonight was FILLED with Chinese “princes,” overseas Chinese ballers and Chinese from Taipei, HK, S’pore etc bringin their Mainland sweeties …

They drifted in and out of the Holland House and vice versa. Brits, Aussies, Kiwis, Germans, French, Irish, Italians, Greeks, Russians, Tanzanians, Malaysians, Japanese, Syrians … Its just a matter of time ‘fore everyone gets naked.

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