Day 1 – Opening Ceremony Ticket Scam

Today has been a very weird day so far. Last night I drank late late into the night with some security guys — old warhorses from Ireland and such — and they said i fit the profile of an “agency man.”

This morning I was helping Jim Leprino, one of the richest men out there, recover his Opening Ceremony tickets.

Thousands of people have found out that their Opening Ceremony tickets are fraudulent and will not be accepted at the gates. People paid 3000USD and up for these tickets, getting them off of Craigslist, Beijing and other spots and none of them will be able to see the Opening Ceremony. For you people at home, perhaps the birds nest will look a little empty.Its not yet clear who is responsible (HAHAHAHA), but I am sure we’ll find a sneaky bugger at the end of the line. So far BOCOG s hiding its head in the sand and doing nothing about this, because too may people have been affected:

We’re talkin all of Nike’s tickets, all of Google’s tickets … and several thousand regular Joe’s who also can’t get in.

They are walking the streets now trying to scalp some tickets off of people. There is so much to write actually, but my head hurts, i need to work at 4pm, i have been up all morning getting Leprino his tickets — ended up that some of the Sponsors have”extras” and certain people are able to get their hands on them. A lot of people have been royally screwed by this ticket scam …

anyway. Here are some pics of my smurfy ass (smurf=rent-a-cop) and that sunrise i mentioned several posts back. Since that sunrise, every day has been gray and dreary. You can stare directly into the sun … on this day (below) i could barely open my eyes.

Today is weird.

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6 thoughts on “Day 1 – Opening Ceremony Ticket Scam

  1. Oh man. You gotta love China.

    Spent the last year plugging up all the holes in the internet, locking up dissidents, shipping home protesters, closing ‘underground’ subway vendors, locking down bars, and they don’t bother to monitor the ticket situation.

    Now, all legit folks who flew over here are holding fake tickets, and the scalpers who printed them are holding the real ones.

    At least the party’s got good seats.

    One World One Dream One Television Screen

    (to watch the Olympics from your hotel room)

  2. man, and you call my wife a dork. look at your dork ass manning the gates like a regular middle-school bao an… hahahaha

  3. Hilarious!

    i think the local taco bell is in need of a rent a cop round these parts, in case you are looking for a way to get paid and mingle with the local high school toughs upon your return… since you have Experience and all.

    i would be sucking down smokes like that too, if i were you.

  4. what up ya’ll

    the ticket scam reportedly traces back to a company in HK … and the ticket sites may “originate” in the US, but all tickets originate in China. And who knows “fake” like China …?

    yo. i have evolved from smurf to hustle-gimp. check my last post ya’ll.

    you KNOW how i do.

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