tea baggins

well well well in the Du got my house almost clear of cat shit. garbage is piling up but i have a plan. the toilet is plugged but today i will get a plunger. its getting warmer and the birds are chattering madly. another two months and the good tea is plentiful and flowers will be blooming everywhere.

sammy’s ass is gone so now my house smells much nicer. work wise … well i am writing so i guess thats all that matters. i am grumpy a lot though.

there is a picture of the Tibetan Panchen Lama being criticized by a screeching mob of red guards holding up little red books. i have put on this man’s expression as a mask. in chinese there is a saying for this, not as pretty as some Taoist or Buddhist phrases for such a state of mind, but it goes:

Sheng Zai Cao Yin, Xin Zai Han

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