maybe its just because i stood next to him once at paisley park .. maybe its cuz i rocked it so many times at his club first ave .. maybe its just cuz he’s a pimp of the highest most spectacular order. even that 1990s shit diamonds and pearls was cool. i got this dvd of all of prince’s videos. oh lord controversy is hilarious … he was always with the times — whatever the zeitgeist was, prince dove in heels first and dropped it. givin the camera the EYE and givin all them ladies soakin panties.

and when doves cry is one the finest love tunes ever. he truly knew how to put a man’s passion out into the soundwaves and show women what is up. he was the master of the sensitive man’s impassioned plea. and you know his body temperature rises to lord knows what when he gets naked with his woman. maybe thats why everybody thought he went both ways … when all it was was his ability to drop his love down in a vulnerable way. when his voice went high, men were like .. damn that fool is a batty boy and women were like .. ooooooooo … when his voice dropped low men were like …. damn that fool is a superpimp and women were like … ooooooooo …

“don’t make me chase ya, even doves have pride …”

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