The Delicious Slide

You can feel it when it comes
Voices cry out in defiant anticipation
They rub their hands gleefully
The party is about to start
Places everyone

One said it was a slideshow
Another said it was
Stones skipping across a lake
You can sit back and watch with a smile
Raise your middle finger
Moon the sky

When the reel stops, ragged and bright
When the stones crash and sink
You turn on yourself
The revelers are nowhere to be found
Those bits you skipped last night
The ripples inbetween

You burrow into your gut
You call up your friends and apologize
Their forgiveness means so much
To the silent waiting voices in your head
Without it, you’ll never have another chance
For a good old Delicious Slide

Sascha Matuszak
Sascha Matuszak

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