The Whipping Boy

I sent a mass email out the other day to get people to sign a petition to have 1 million given to every citizen in the US by the gov. the math is of course “ridiculous” right? the idea that the gov “financed by the people” could possibly give any money to us is “absurd” and i am a goddamn fool and a hippy for even considering it. I am actually. The economics of it all is pretty simple to laugh at, as evinced by Himmler’s reply:

“one million dollar bailout to every citizen? This is like the Onion
without a punch line. It would never work for many reasons. This would
cost way more than our annual GDP (a ridiculous sum of money) and
would lead to a total breakdown of society because in a capitalist
system you need poor people to exploit. If everyone’s a millionaire no
one will do the shitty jobs which are necessary. Who cleans the
bathrooms? Who serves in the army? Etc

It would also plunder the dollar, bringing its value to its knees.
Because we don’t have $30 trillion, adding it (printed money) to the
current money supply would make the price of everything skyrocket
unimaginably. like, loaf of bread for $300. And because the dollar is
instantly devalued and everyone around the world dumps it, you
couldn’t do cool shit like buy a villa in Mexico or Thailand.

In terms of disasters this would be worse than another 9/11.”

pretty cool response, huh?

Tell ya what. If I were a Wall Street banker, i would be called an idiot for asking for any less than a million. Its my impotent disgust that makes me do rash things like embarrass myself with mass emails calling for insane propositions. I should stop reading the news.

We the People of the United States are dumber than shit not because we sign silly petitions (a million signatures or more might get someone’s attention … ) but because we, like every other society throughout history and most likely deep deep into the future until we either blow up or colonize Mars, allow the rich to rape us left and right.

You wanna hear some ridiculous absurdity? Consider genocidal episodes as payback for generations of subtle, non-violent rape. Is it rape to be an insulated group of determined, hard-working people with a shared history, language and culture and a collective acknowledgment of money as the arbiter of power and an accompanying collective will to protect oneself with the power of currency?

Hippies and New Age mystics along with a large swath of hipsters, travel writers, hip hop djs and other disenfranchised disenchanted youth have been calling for a clean slate in their living rooms and coffee houses and quote the Mayans, Jesus, Astronomy and Nostradamus as proof that God has a reset button planned for us all. Well a reset button is a great flood.

We are placated for now with Obama … he’s our generation’s Great Brown Hope. Its fitting that we who reject racism intellectually should place the burden of absolution for our sin of “Acceptance of Society As Is” on the shoulders of a black man.

i can’t help getting angry, because i have no wife or kids or Great Work to keep my mind occupied and I have no underground posse of rebels like the Weatherman. I got Sammy and Nicole. Is it anger or jealousy?

Be honest, sasch, and tell em you wish you could commit a grand white collar crime and skip away into the sunset. Honesty is the best policy. I will always be a tragically hip, broke ass, coffee house Taoist, because for me, given the choice, sitting all day in a grove and luring butterflies onto my finger is much more preferable than sprinting with rats.

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2 thoughts on “The Whipping Boy

  1. who you choose for your posse should neither anger you nor make you jealous of others… lest those feelings should be directed inward.

    perhaps the people around you now only wait for you to emerge from the dungeon and do the First thing.

  2. Yes, on the one hand the fantasy of skipping away into the sunset with a government provided golden parachute is a dizzying prospect. But today's bailout of GM and Chrysler is another to cherish the ability to recognize the beauty of luring, and not injuring, that beautiful butterfly. Now, Chrysler and GM have been redefined as "financial institutions" with "troubled assets."

    Chrysler's deal:

    GM's deal:

    The law:

    I hope all the butterflies can survive

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