childhood trauma

there are two songs which i feel may have traumatized me for life:

a lil jingle sung by good ole Goofy in the one about the ship they had just built, that falls apart when they smack a bottle over the hull. Goofy sings:

“Ohhhh, the world owes me a livin”

Shit stuck with me. Incidentally, when i was small, the whole bottle across the hull and Daisy Duck’s aggressive sexuality scared me. The other jingle, well I am not the only one to suffer repeated intrusions into my psyche from this one here:

“I dont wanna grow up, I’m a toys’r’us kid, there’s a million toys at toys’r’us that I can play with”

I still sing these jingles to myself softly when taking a shower, walking down the street or waiting in line for something.

Sascha Matuszak
Sascha Matuszak

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