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Today was a very hectic day. i got up early and shaved my scruff and pinned back my hair like a girl, cuz its just long enough, just a bit too short. i went to the airport and welcomed 10 german tour operators to chengdu. i was quite nervous, because my german is spottier than it should be and i was expecting a barrage of questions that require answers fortified with cold hard facts. a conundrum for me. instead, i found they knew little or nothing about china and i am basically dealing with tourists. this, i can handle. The chinese were tiptoeing through the ceremonial minefield while the germans were fiddling with chopsticks.

I also got to hang out with an acclaimed author from England and a literary analyst who drops knowledge on wannabe writers like me. I submitted a story I’ll paste here at some point. Anyway she dug it and said yeah kid keep scribbling. Me and the author got along real well … he was real and chilled out, insightful and human. so it was smooth. Aside from feeding my insatiable ego, I got some wisdom placed in front of me. It is real hard to hold in my arrogant ass, the screaming id, the gibbering in my head.

its late as all hell and i need to be up and at em in 3hrs. rollin through the panda reserve and up the largest buddha in the world and one of the four great buddhist mountains in china. its all good ya’ll.

Sascha Matuszak
Sascha Matuszak

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