leaving Mipples

so its bout time to go and i had a good time in the Twins. I saw several old school homies like Tshisuaka and Jake and Ciaran and i got to spend some time with queens i have worshiped like Jessie and Mika and Kelly and i am leaving here a better man.

i got to meet my bro’s girl Ann and lord almighty she is good for him. kicked it with my bro which is always good and will remain till the end of all days. he’s insane, but only at times. ain’t noone there when we hash the real stuff cuz it aint noone’s business.

i got to freeze some more and I got to eat a plate at Al’s. I went to Muddy’s and drank a cup. I had steak. I saw the Supreme Court.

I missed out on a lot though. I didn’t see Micah or Big 6. I didn’t go to Chino or the MIA. I didn’t stroll in the gardens by the Modern Museum and remember the first time i took shrooms with Q, K, A and Cracker. I didn’t see Serum or Friendly. Didn’t see Redboi or Big Mike. Didn’t see Zach Combs and didn’t see Iris. Didn’t stroll campus and didn’t chill by the Mississippi.

it was a contained trip. it was winter in Mipples dude and what can you expect but hibernation with a few short meetings?

So maybe in the summer i’ll come again and cruise the lakes with my pipe danglin’ …

peace ya’ll.

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