They Still Don’t Get It

Last Christmas I went to visit my parents in Germany and I told them then that Obama would win the White House. My Dad said “America is not ready for a black president.” I didn’t really argue with him, because I have a history of being right with this stuff and having Dad come around.

Before the Iraq War I did the superhuman feat of predicting disaster and my Dad and I got into a pissing contest about it. Now he hates Bush and says the War is killing the US. So it came as no surprise to have my Dad be like: yo, I am about to send in your absentee ballots … Obama right? I’m like, yeah you know how i do. and he was like that makes three of us. Including my sister.

So you know, the end of Rocky IV and all ….”if you can change …” hehehe

so here is the media finally catching on to what we have been yapping about for so long. NYT talks about race in Pennsylvania and the Republican’s last ditch effort to corral the dumbest crackers in the nation and hope that its enough to squeak out a victory. It probably won’t be.

And here is David Frum, “the other Karl Rove,” explaining that the Republicans are losing and so therefore have to staunch the bleeding by giving up on McCain and trying to hold on to some Senate seats … NOT by pulling their heads out of their asses and getting a clear picture of the 21st century world and our place and role in it, but by appealing to “fairness:”

“We’re almost certainly looking at a Democratic White House. I can work with a Democratic president to help this state. But we need balance in Washington.

“The government now owns a big stake in the nation’s banking system. Trillions of dollars are now under direct government control. It’s not wise to put that money under one-party control. It’s just too tempting. You need a second set of eyes on that cash. You need oversight and accountability. Otherwise, you’re going to wake up two years from now and find out that a Democratic president, a Democratic Senate and a Democratic House have been funneling a ton of that money to their friends and allies. It’ll be a big scandal — but it will be too late. The money will be gone. Divided government is the best precaution you can have.”

Sigh, The Republicans can’t imagine that race isn’t a divider like they hoped. They can’t imagine that we all see through the Palin BS. They can’t imagine that we know a leader when we see one.

And just in case you’re all wondering, NO i am not deluded. I realize that a Democrat is still a politician and our system of governance lends itself to being bought out … but in my lifetime, I haven’t seen a real leader on the big stage yet (Cept for WELLSTONE R.I.P) until Obama showed up.

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2 thoughts on “They Still Don’t Get It

  1. My ma and i both want to dress up as sarah palin for halloween. cept i wanna be a tricked out hoe with lipstick all over my face and a burly hockey jersey dripping with caribou blood… and she wants to wear heels and an armani suit. we both push the image we wanna see. “she soooo doesn’t get it..” i say…

    and nine hundred miles away, she’s all “she sooo doesn’t get it…”

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