I know why women trip


Its motherhood ya’ll. Before being a mother, girls trip on the intense biological forces that take over all thought and emotion and drive girls to be moms, or at the very least create the conditions under which momhood can best be realized (house, man, dog, fence). Fellaz: consider the intense drive we have to chase down all women and impregnate them and then run off skipping into the woods. We’re just built that way right? So.

Have you ever seen a mom at the grocery store, airport, coffee house on the damn bus? Dude. Being a mother drives women insane. How many times has yer mom stayed up all night waiting for you? How many times does she call and be like: You’re dead aren’t you? (Thanks Anna) Ya know. Moms freak the fuck out several times daily AND cook, clean, do the laundry, deal with pops, make appointments, drive here and there and and and … insanity is the only logical result.

Then. Oh Lord then then then just as the kids are all gone and pops starts getting fat and can’t get it up anymore, motherhood leaves forever. Just like that. The angel/demon on the back of all women is gone forever and leaves … (i need more work in the lab to know what exactly is left behind) but I do know that cougars and rose tea and flower arrangements and a Cause are the stars revolving around the black hole ever closer ever faster around the hole left behind by motherhood.

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Sascha Matuszak
Sascha Matuszak

5 thoughts on “I know why women trip

  1. If i allow myself for a moment to step down into your archaic world where societal roles are so black and white that men are only needed for procreation and “man duties,” then yes, women trip, but only because you so obviously are failing in your sad half of the equation.

    Perhaps, in the women you know, motherhood or the pursuit thereof does trigger this “trip” even more because now all of a sudden, instead of taking care of man-partner and attending to all his sentient and practical needs, they are forced to give their attention to a REAL baby who REALLY needs someone to take care of them. And they’re pissed when you play Warcraft instead of mowing the lawn.

    Your views about womanhood are so outdated — and that is probably why you keep seeing this version of woman that you describe manifest in your life.

    The ones who hold space — thriving in managing all the silly details in life, and not “tripping” — probably heard you talk about your views on women and went running for Herland, taking their Causes and their very real contributions to humanity with them.

    But i will end this diatribe with “love ya,” and all is well, right?

  2. i was actually trying to empathize in a sarcastic way … like “skipping off into the woods” isn’t how we’re wired … and you know how women shoulder a huge burden and the burden can get so heavy when fellaz skip off into the woods that tripping is inevitable … like … the pressures of motherhood before during and after PLUS dealing with pops and dreams and friends is too much for anybody to handle … so i guess the goal of the post was to make fellaz mow the lawn.

    but you know it could very well be true that i am an archaic misogynist. I am not really sure what the hell i think about women. i just be talkin it out …

  3. I see that some of my past onslaughts (misogynist!) have stuck with you, young paduon.

    Perhaps if they’re still sticking with you, you are thinking about them and we will turn you into a righteous feminist man after all…
    (fingers thrumming together, with wicked laughter…)

    Either way, i too am just talkin it out.

  4. No, Sascha, motherhood does not leave forever. Motherhood is forever. Even women who have suffered the deaths of their children are mothers forever. The maternal urge, the drive to nurture, care for, and protect her young is one of the world’s great mysteries. Science seeks to quantify and explain. Scientific understanding has indeed helped all of us to understand hormonal relationships along with how and why most women feel a certain way about their children. But what cannot yet be quantified is the ability of love to expand, to encompass, to know immeasurable joy. There are no numbers to explain the depths of feeling that sweetly build when I touch my daughter’s cheek as she lays beside me. She too feels love so primal, so deep as contentment spreads across her face, purring even as she slips a little deeper into sleep. How do we explain the joy that a mom feels as she looks at her grown son, a man now, filled with pride even as she says, “that’s my boy.” Motherhood is the opportunity to create new cycles, to break old cycles that don’t work or were harmful. It is the opportunity to have a positive impact on a person with whom you now have a love relationship that could not have been imagined prior to giving birth. It is the opportunity to be forever connected to the next generation, to learn new things, to be exposed to new music, to observe as young people question and reconcile themselves to this world. Motherhood is so much more than all the “stuff” that has to be done. Motherhood is the heart and soul of relationships because, typically, motherhood is the first relationship.

    Many a man has fallen instantly and completely in love at the sight of his newborn son or daughter. The desire to protect and to care for this little being may manifest itself differently for men but it is no less intense, no less compelling. Fatherhood, like motherhood, is also forever.

  5. yes. it is this that i could not explain myself. I watch women draw on reserves of strength that draw on reserves that pour down like waterfalls from other reserves and i can only trace a bit before i get lost.

    So its that love thing again. I shoulda known.

    Anon: yer future son in law told me what you said about how i be writing to figure it all out. You are right. This is my foil, not my self encased in bits and words.

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