Why I don’t write for Antiwar.com anymore

I wrote about China for Antiwar.com for about 8 years. If you check the columns out, you’ll see I wrote in spurts. There was often a month or more between any one column. It was basically geopolitical stuff but it also served as my forum for the things that inspired, infuriated or interested me about China. I have some great memories:

The Chinese Beats column that got translated all over. The Beautiful Morning for a War column that poured out of me in twenty minutes. The WTO protests columns, the last one inspired by a few days in jail with the other protesters. And some duds, like the Revering the Big Men column that (I stand by still to this day) incurred a LOT of hate mail.

We parted ways for a couple of reasons. I stopped being interested in political columns. I evolved from my earlier columns and became a more nuanced observer. I moved away from journalism period … Antiwar.com became much more stringent about keeping their content libertarian in nature. I am not a full fledged libertarian and i tend to be all over the map in terms of ideology. Because I came to believe that situations determine ideology and policy. We basically grew apart.

The only thing I regret about not writing for them anymore are the few readers out there (like the brother who commented on the previous post) that wonder why I left. And who consistently urge me to take it up again and make it my career. I can’t really find words for how much readers’ comments mean to me. I live and die by the interaction that a column or a blog can generate.

If any of you brothers and sisters can make the switch from Antiwar.com to this blog, that would truly be ideal. This is a much more interactive platform and the content here ranges from bawdy tales to acid trips to comments on current affairs. It suits my brain a lot better than a weekly (or monthly) column constrained to a certain theme and ideology. I guess I am growing as a writer and want to experiment with a variety of styles and ideas. I hope you all can find time during your days to holler at me about things that are on your minds, because it inspires me to respond and think deeper.

Ask me about China. Or Portland. Or acid. Or tea. I promise I’ll get back to you here at Chachin Aint Easy.

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Sascha Matuszak
Sascha Matuszak

2 thoughts on “Why I don’t write for Antiwar.com anymore

  1. When the day gets busy and I need a moment away, I click open your blog. I do enjoy reading your political musings, as they always open part of the world I may not have noticed. You strengthen my views quite often in solidarity and at times in opposition. Your words challenge me in unexpected ways. I’m feelin what you’re puttin down, Sash.

  2. the downside is that you’re not showing your best only. I find your antiwar columns were all class-A act. you definitely should try to make something out of them. Wish you best of luck.

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