3 thoughts on “throw a stone or move

  1. Sascha, the thought of you crossed my mind tonight and so I googled you. And here you are. From the tone of your musings, you are enjoying life as much as it’s enjoying you. I’m glad to know this.

    Totally random, yet oddly relevant: I named my cockatiel Sascha. He’s a heartbreaker, and he knows it. So it’s fitting.

    Drop me a line sometime. Would love to catch up over tea: emilylecoz@yahoo.com

    Emily (Dalnodar) Le Coz – your bud from The Minnesota Daily

  2. Sascha, I think you are one of the best commentators about China on Antiwar.com and you were the reason I kept going back to that site looking for your latest. What happened. Anyway, a little digging I found this site, i will read through them tonight.

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