The Wagon Part Deux

in darkness and in light

even as alli said in the last post is true, so is the sweetness of the old lady and the steady drifting of the old man in from the cold. she wants to be our grandmother and it takes time for her to manage the movement from skeksi to mystic, but if you have seen the movie dark crystal, then you know they are one.

the gorging of the skeksi sustains the mystic sheperd during the trek through the valley of death.

what i learned is that although the sheperd does his duty and brings them all through, the pain and suffering that cascades down the black valley walls does not ebb or dissipate or go away. no, the mystic takes it upon himself and drinks from the vile rivers so the weak may walk as children do.

i learned this during the penultimate phase of the moon on a veranda bathed in white light and the scatterings of tribal factions mimicing the protonic movements of free radicals searching searching …

so the wagon is both. abode of demons and hearth for the lost.

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Sascha Matuszak
Sascha Matuszak

2 thoughts on “The Wagon Part Deux

  1. Dig your blog brotha. A local PNW enjoying writing, photographing and traveling and appreciate your herbal article on BNT.
    Safe Travels!
    In Peace,

  2. thanks my man … i am in cali now and headed across to china in a bit. drop knowledge on a regular basis …


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