The past two nights i have been drinking Yellow Tail Shiraz with my old high school buddy Maximillian. He was one of my first and best friends back when i was 16 and getting my bearings in Germany.

I had a friend walk with me in a dream last night, a walk i can barely remember because I was busy drinking wine and laying down by the fire in my back yard, he said he could smell my sweat and aftershave but i was like:

“That wasn’t aftershave. it was the last hints of the wine bottle i finished off in honor of all my friends late late early early as the sun hinted hinted but i fell before the hint became a word”

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Sascha Matuszak
Sascha Matuszak

One thought on “Wine

  1. it was either in my dreams that night
    or for real
    by the fire
    or maybe both
    when i laughed at you,
    as your lips curled around the bottom of the glass,
    and you said
    'man, we should drink wine every night,'
    as drops of it dribbled down your chin.

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