Speaking of holograms

I play World of Warcraft.

But since i understand that massive multi player role playing games can be detrimental to your health, i try and find ways in which this truly enjoyable game can help me out in some way.

so yesterday i was playing and my character was on a rocky coast WAY far away from any other character. nobody was going to come and fight me, trade items with me or do anything really. I was alone on this coast. The scene was beautifully rendered by WOW’s amazing designers. I have this item that casts a pillar of moonlight where ever i want it to be. So i sat atop a boulder looking out over the ocean and cast the moonlight right on top of me. For the three minute duration of this little spell, i was sitting on a rock looking out at the ocean bathed in moonlight. It was beautiful.

In related thoughts, my man Sam is a brilliant mathematician and we were talking about a certain project in which a team of math-heads put together a formula that mapped out all of the maps that map out all of the possible functions that mathematically represent a certain group of three dimensional forms. Imagine. Step back mentally. Envision an interconnected system of maps, then rise up above that system and envision an interconnected system of maps, mapping the maps.

is this not related to the idea of a holographic universe or being bathed in moonlight on a computer server?

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Sascha Matuszak
Sascha Matuszak

2 thoughts on “Speaking of holograms

  1. man, watching the digital sunset in world of warcraft. you’ve shattered the barrier and moved to the next level of geek. level 71 attained, wizard

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