The Universe is a Hologram

I was tipped off to this article this morning by meeks shuckafunka and about four paragraphs down is the word “eidolon.”

I wrote a story a LONG time ago that is still sitting in the unpublished drawer about a man who falls in love with a woman in seconds and the story is called Eidolon because he creates, for himself, an image of love for this woman because he is guilty. He creates a love reality because it feels better to actually love this poor girl rather than leave her to her lonely fate.

so once again, coincidence rears its head at me and, yeah, i can shrug it off and go about eatin my eggs. or … or i can rise up out of my wheelchair and cry freedom. Even if i collapse back into my chair at least i know they aint never got me.

and, oh, various posts in this blog deal with the topics discussed in the article linked above, but i suppose this most recent one really … you know .. proves that electrons communicating across oceans are really. just. talkin to theyselves.

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Sascha Matuszak
Sascha Matuszak

One thought on “The Universe is a Hologram

  1. because of Berryman’s _Dream Songs_ i know eidolon. it struck me then, as now. i didn’t read the rest of what you wrote. that word is in itself a full meal, to read as well hear in a lyric.
    ‘eidolon’ has become my test of dictionaries. if it’s not there, then nothing else is worth lookin’ up in their pages.
    joy’ in that a friend knows its power, bummed in that i thought it was all mine and a dead poet’s.

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