I reiterate

its transition time and i am getting my room painted, my workshop set up and my routine established.

dreams of off the grid cribs become tangible in the MFNW

When the full moon watches the sun set over happy valley
mt hood floats like a phantom above the trees
a rainbow canopy encases the world
and meets the howling blue in a ribbon of fading light
while dead limbs guard the path to the moon
and St. Helen is a shadow on the dark

and just in case you aint heard.

its my man Tshisuaka aka propaganja aka aka aka …

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Sascha Matuszak
Sascha Matuszak

One thought on “I reiterate

  1. Hi Sasch,

    this is Dominik from Germany, Daggis son. I am searchig for a way to contact you, but i cant find any email adresses. So im using your very nice blog. I have to write an essay about chinese people for the university, and i hope you can help me a bit. My adress is dominik-schaefer@gmx.de

    Kind regards

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