The Last Debate

I listened to McCain very closely this debate, just as I listened to Sarah Palin very closely during the celebrated VP debate. I did this because I gave them the benefit of the doubt. I wanted to know if I like Obama because I identify with a cool black man more than with an ugly old white dude and his hockey mom partner.

I said to myself, “Self, we should these cats a chance.”

Because I accuse McCain supporters of putting on their “identifying blinders” and voting for someone that makes then feel comfortable and safe, rather than for a true leader of a nation. So I don’t want to be guilty of the same foolishness.

McCain attacked Obama, he went after the poor voter with catch-phrases and he did not clearly or concisely explain any plan, for any issue we are facing. That is what I heard. When he did go into details about an issue the nation is facing, he stuck to his party’s ideology across the board. He appealed heavily to those people who are Republican and will stay Republican for the rest of their lives.

When attacking Obama, he seemed on the verge of screaming NIGGER, WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE! And he seemed petty. And the stats, as MSNBC provided for us, show that McCain has been more negative than Obama. They naturally spun the situation by saying Obama spent “the most money on negative ads in the history of politics.”

Obama saying that 100% of the ads were negative is a function of his frustration and annoyance with a very negative campaign. Nothing is 100% in a campaign. But it sure feels like the McCain ticket has been 100% negative.

Obama looked like a leader to me. It is that simple. He was calm, he had plans, he articulated well, he responded to attacks, but did not start any and has a better understanding of the REAL WORLD than McCain.

These politicians are so far behind the curve. They talk of “going Green” to help build an economy of the future. Private enterprises — some of them began by anti-establishment hippies back in the 1970s — have been going Green for a long time without the help of the government. In fact, the government has stood in their way in favor of Big Oil just as they stand in the way of new and different ways to heal people in favor of the pharmaceutical companies.

Will Obama have the strength and fortitude to carry out his plans for a Green Economy? Of course he will, because we are already all over it.

And this is for me the kicker: Obama is a man of the future, McCain is a man of the past.

We are already finding new ways to educate kids, we want health care for all, we need cheaper universities, we are all down with the Green Machine and had Obama not made these issues his platform way back in June when we went up against Clinton, then I promise you McCain would have never even considered them.

And so. Now, I will have no sympathy for McCain voters. I met a few along the way and I had polite disagreements, but we always went our ways saying,”Hey. Its Ok. You can vote for anyone you want.”

Voting for McCain is dumb, it will expedite America’s fall from grace and the primary motivation for voting McCain is fear.

I am Chachi Murphy, and I approve of this message.

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