grumble grumble

well i have tried to put pics up here for days now. i went through picasa and checked out what the deal is — heard that sideways pics is a problem that many of us have. but picasa won’t load the damn pics up so i am just gonna have text now.

i am in kunming and every time i come here i wonder why i am living in chengdu. as soon as you hit the tarmac the sun hits you, an easy breeze says, “hey, welcome man” and the temperature adjusts to your liking.

there are many more foreigners here than i realized and they seem cooler. chiller. more literate. and i am at a cafe that would fit in anywhere on the west coast, with honey mustard salads, digestive teas, cute lil chinese girls and will and lester — two local english teachers discussing the weighty issues in life and takin it real real easy.

sammy shows up in two days and we will hit up the An Ling hot springs, deep in the forests, then we’ll have some stewed sweet broasted chicken. its gonna be hot.

Sascha Matuszak
Sascha Matuszak

One thought on “grumble grumble

  1. Kunming is a good city, at least it was when I lived there. Changed a lot since ought-four when I was living there. Muslim quarter, Bird&Flower (where I used to smoke Yunnan Tobacoo from a bong like bad, strong herb), all cha-diaole, or so I’ve heard.

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