Doublespeak and Bullscat

Politicians truly are amazing.

In China it is fitting that the government spokesperson is a woman, Jiang Yu. In Chinese (and every other) society it is an older woman who will do most of the scolding, attacking, reprimanding and declaring in a household. And by older I mean just slightly past menopause, when their daughters are married or their sons are off doing something somewhere. pops is settling into chill mode with his pipe, homies and chessboard.

It requires a shrill voice and no sense of logic. It requires full confidence in one’s own just cause and a firm disdain for the other’s cause.

We had that troll Madeleine back in the day … now its Condoleeza .. i suppose she kind of fits the mold, but she is actually attractive and not that old, so she doesn’t need the shrill voice. Hillary. Man she is the prototype. You know how mom’s can get. But these were secretaries of states or first ladies. our spokesmen tend to be men, most recently a bald Jew and a bland stuttering office ghost.

Anyway, here is Ms. Yu’s bullshit for the day, concerning Chinese student-rioters in Korea vis a vis the evil Tibetan separatists recently sentenced and those of us who have yet to be punished by the righteous People’s Republic … nausea. all this shit gives me nausea in the end:

“As to the disruptions and sabotage by the separatist forces, some students upholding justice came out to safeguard the dignity of the torch — I believe that’s natural.”

You know you really have to be able to hear her say it and know how it would sound in Chinese to truly appreciate the bitchy, self-righteous, grating quality of the statement. And of course the rank hypocrisy, if you didn’t catch it, of defending your own and attacking the others for doing the same damn thing.

I wrote a column recently about all this and I went after the West more than China. It is to be expected that China will have illogical, crude arguments based more on fake history, emotion and loud yelling than any real facts.

We should let China simmer in its own juices and tend to our business at home. We have an election to win.

Politics. I think the whole realm of politics benefits from the bum rap we the people give it: the shittier things we expect from them, the shittier things they get away with.

On Friday the torch arrives in Hong Kong. From what I hear its gonna pop off.

Sascha Matuszak
Sascha Matuszak

One thought on “Doublespeak and Bullscat

  1. I hear you saying you think women have to be something other than trolls (with the voices gods gave em) for us to trust em. Do we talk trash about Ralph Nader’s scruffy suits, or his otherwise unkempt appearance? Have you ever heard anyone say a word about the tone of our male leaders’ voices? No, cuz we may be actually listening to what they are saying — and not how they are delivering it. Hillary is not my choice for this prez election, but i resent people whose first comment when she is mentioned is “o she is a bitch.” So are all her bitch-ass male counterparts in the Senate — who voted for a warmonger’s agenda. Just sayin’.

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