The Ancients said:

“And I wish that I were not any part
of the fifth generation
of men, but had died before it came
or had been born afterward.
For here now is the age of iron …
when guest is no longer one with host
nor companion to companion
when your brother is no longer your friend
as he was in the old days.”

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2 thoughts on “The Ancients said:

  1. You've selected one of Hesiod's more depressing verses which does make me a little worried for how you're doing. Nevertheless, there are parallels in our times to the corruption of the fifth generation so your post is apropos for our times. Here in America, television evangelist and pseudo-Christian Pat Robertson is firmly ensconced in the fifth generation, spouting his mantras on Haitian history without factual basis or any underpinnings of empathy or compassion.

    "The vile man will crowd his better out,and attack him with twisted accusations and swear an oath to his story."

    But for you, no brothers will forsake you, no companions will forget you. All that I am certain of is that your child will most likely disagree with you, the father. That is truly the way of the world!

    Peace and be well.

  2. I'm fine, i suppose for me it's just apparent that he is talking about us, this generation. I can only guess about the bronze and gold etc. but when those old timers spoke about iron, they were talking about us.

    I can't shake the feeling that this will all come tumbling down and I'll have a child to teach in a world unlike any we've ever known. I am up to the teaching, as long as we make it through …

    I get joy out of my pork, potato and lotus root soup, watching Bean's belly shake and hearing about giant companies stand up for something Good (even with all the cynicism out there, i believe some companies actually do think about that kinda stuff)

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