i got brothers

i have been many things in my life, some good, some bad and some ugly. i have seen my brothers be those as well. what i have learned is that only through the fire can the secrets of these ancient bonds be learned and earned. i also believe that time heals all and everything works the way it should. so when my brothers and me find ourselves estranged, back in the day or right now, i feel it and it hurts because no matter what i have been, i have always loved deeper than i myself know and this in me and in you keeps the flame burning forever. ya’ll know what i mean. don’t trip. when i am alone i look at me and find whats black and toy with it. do the same. then go and break bread.

i’ll keep keepin on till i earn what i have been given.


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Sascha Matuszak
Sascha Matuszak

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