my achin back

So i have to admit. Last night i put 15 pages down, but when i was done i logged in to World of Warcraft and played till 730am. then i had breakfast and walked around. then slept and didn’t get up till 3pm. its bad ya’ll.

i dreamt of humans attacking as Horde characters in the game would. the leader of the Horde (I am Alliance) was a chubby guy with a dorky goatee and his main spell was to hit me with a pine branch that would emanate sparkly magic dust and put me in a peaceful lovey dovey mood. I told all my people to be ready for the onslaught when it came. When it did I tried to rip the guys throat out with my bare hands Roadhouse style. I couldn’t quite get a proper grip on him and the dream slid around and around going from one strange realm to another with my weak grip on this fat man’s neck the only constant. we became a grip-based world and i was slipping. In moments like these, my conscious and sub-consicous confer as to what to do and sometimes:

I slip completely away like the dream where i’m a little boy running through the halls and an ogre is chasing me, he’s a pedophile man, but he’s an ogre too. and instead of destroying him i wink out of the dream … into a safer place.

or my conscious wins and i say to myself in my dream this is my dream, this is my world and all hell breaks loose as the power of that statement reverberates throughout the dreamscape and I can’t control it. I fly through a world of flashing worlds and lash out with my power at anything that comes. In these dreams, faces come out of the blurry crowd and say things to me …

Or sometimes i whirl around an act and the seamless movement through juxtapositions is my mind trying to release me from this grip, trying to find out which juxtaposition will untie the knot and let my mind wander free again.

And sometimes I just wake up and look at the clock and moan to myself.

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Sascha Matuszak
Sascha Matuszak

3 thoughts on “my achin back

  1. So after I listened to your WOW low down, I was skeptical. I kept thinking, “Live in the real world, with real interactions, etc. etc.” THEN…last night I had the most awful dream involving peeps I knew, including YOU, and I thought is the WOW mimicking or creating? Shit. I’ve never played the damn game, but who knows. I so wanna tell you about the dream and see if it coincides with WOW. Weird.

  2. did you even tell me the dream? i think u did but it got cut off somewhere … ahh yes, the realm that people were sinking away into at yer party? is that the dream? are you that person? who the hell am i talking to anyway?

  3. aww…yes, it was me. Yeah, we’ll have to have another tea sess and i’ll tell you about it. It deserves time to describe. I still get the shivers thinking about that fucked up world. I wanna dream about it again.

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