i might as well drop it

So i been working on this epic novel and such and as the days go on the story gets more fun to mess with. I am going to lay a bit on ya’ll here cuz I figure why not and people be asking me all the time “YO Sasch, wassup with the book dude?”

(and by putting it down here i make it MINE and anyone who steals will get chased down beaten then sued.)

the story goes like this:

its just a bit before the breaking of the world and the new age is bout to dawn. gods and goddesses have been messing with man’s emotions for millennia and they live off of the extracts of love, happiness, suffering, jealousy .. its like cash to them. After a while, the deities, like the church, become more interested in the cash aspect of being a god then the moral/spiritual guide they should be or at least what people see them to be. devotion and sacrifice and extracting them emotions is more important then raising up man.

So at this point in time, the gods are divided into peaceful and wrathful gods that tolerate each other but have nothing really to do with each other. like russians and americans back in the day. as soon as they meet, they might end up fuckin, but cuz they have been told all their lives that they should hate each other …

and the peaceful gods are further divided into the Cultists and the Department. the dept kinda being like the corporate side of godliness. they have hierarchy and structure and all that and they go about fuckin with man in an orderly fashion. the cultists are like heavens hippies. they have all the morals of hippies: love man, love each other, spread the goodness, but they also have the cliquey hypocrisy and latent desire to be on top that some hippies have, its that righteousness born of believing in one’s own superior but outcast status. they would love nothing more then to take over and rule the way things “should be run”

the wrathful gods, well, they are a interesting but i dont want to give it all away.

throw in a group of humans currently being messed with. These guys are basically me and my crew. aimless but fun to be around.

the book ends with:

i have an ending but i think it would be fun to solicit random passages from you all. take what little i have given you and write something down. it would be a cool little experiment. it prob. will not influence me that much, but it just might and if it does i promise i will credit you with a name or a place or maybe you are one of the gangly canadian chics that gets … ummm … ravaged during the sack of long beach. or maybe i will give you a gods/goddess’s name. like Genuss, the beautiful blonde goddess who just learned she was downsized just before the new age. or chocho the rebellious little goddess who has a thing for a wrathful demon named tsochi. or xam (named after a real dude) who is the sexy leader of the cultists with his devious hippy plans and long blonde locks … you know. play with this and have fun.


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5 thoughts on “i might as well drop it

  1. let’s hope genuss finds and marries her true love named phoenix… a wedding of mythical proportions that transcends the regular union of two people on earth.

    it comes about like this: on their wedding day, when genuss and phoenix go to become One, she realizes that this phoenix is really just her true self in another form… so when they “marry,” they become not a couple joined in the eyes of the gods but one being, who rises from the ashes and whoops up on all the unjust motherfuckers who try to squeeze the last drop of blood from the hardworking.

  2. Beware the believer in his/her own superior but outcast status who moves smoothly among the people, cloaked in the aura of the peaceful god. In reality, turbulent discontent born from unsatisfied primal needs drives such a god to achieve great goals, but these are narcissistic heights. Such a pseudo-god is always seeking what is lacking but forever avoiding the abyss within.

  3. i'm always for tragedy, just seems more real. a stage littered with corpses and one random guy made to live so that people will know: horatio slash edgar slash the fool disappearing in act III, scene vi. sorry nicola, weddings are f' suckas. madness & death. don't have it make sense, just make it end with a "because i said so"
    OR everyone can sing 'dirt off your shoulder'. that's good, too

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