If Babylon falls in my lifetime

Nicole be twitterin with Questlove these days cuz he is in P-town freezin his ass off … i mean it aint that cold up here but for him … used to the sun and all …

Is the Apocalypse nigh? I met a dude in Eugene who saw 7 of the 13? crystal skulls and he and his believe deeply in the beam of light that will strike the earth in December 2012 and carry some of us away, leaving others to fend for themselves in a soulless apparition world wailing under the yoke of being “not good enough to ascend.”

I feel a constricting going on. Like we’re being squeezed together by galactic arms. Twitter and Facebook are the farts emitted when we get pressed nose to nose … so if the Apocalypse is nigh, is it proceeded by a consolidation of the human race down to a single? point in space/time so when the beam hits, everyone knows, from those guys who ran from the tsunami on the Andaman Islands to a yak jerky chompin nomad to a been drunk old Russian stumblin outta his pub to a fat German woman gettin her hair cut shorter than usual to a French waif-princess with delicate features and a penchant for wild romances with the wrong man … to Spanish Fascists sipping wine in plazas down to Moroccan sages sipping mint tea and puffin shisha in the afternoon shade through the core life force blackness of Africa where our collective heart thumps.

I don’t know what will happen when the beam penetrates the broad leaves of the Congo jungle and hits a walking soul between his eyes.

I’d like to be on Twitter with that fool so when it goes down maybe he can squeeze out a few lines to warn the rest of us here in the New World about what the answers to the test might be … noone wants to be the fool held back while his crew keeps on to the next grade. The kid who failed is forgotten unless children needs be warned bout what not to do. Then that guy gets pulled out like a Brother’s Grimm tale of woe.

I am mentally ready, but my soul … although not dogshit … aint ready to be with God. I have been close enough reaching my fingers through the sheeting that protects my unsound mind from the realm of God and I stood right there at the precipice of the whirlpool whose galactic arms are squeezing, twisting, melting and coming for us all. I stood there and pulled my self away like waking from a bad dream … it oozed away from me and i got it on my mind as I plot on shady deals and tea houses.

What if my family aint my Tribe and I have to walk away from them when the beam hits? Is that possible?

What if my Tribe aint my family and they have to walk away from me when the beam hits?

And if the beam does not hit. then the decision we have collectively — and i mean my Tribe here — made will have to sustain us. I mean, wouldn’t it be too much for this generation of humanity to WILL instant gratification upon the entire planet via a beam of light prophesied by crystal skulls? It just sounds like something we would want to have happen because the alternative:

struggling through Babylon and building a temple of light from out the muck

just aint quick enough.

I come to the same conclusions daily. If Babylon falls within my lifetime, I am holding hands with everyone I won’t walk away from anyone. And i’ll do the same if it don’t. If you know me on a personal basis, test these words daily.

I gotta go and hustle in the shade and build a house for my teas. Holla at me when the beam hits.

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