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does anyone out there work with alternative fuels/renewable energy on a large scale — research, investment, development, promotion over breakfast at the sunny side up on lyndale can ya feel me ???

i bet there are at least five peeps reading this. anyway. this story and others like it have me very excited and optimistic. i’m tellin you … we all goin green.

here is a story that’s pretty funny: China and India being “more green” than the US. Oh my Lord is that hilarious. but its an interesting point. China and India are polluted nations and its getting worse. but they head to open air markets for their food and ride bikes. it has to do with economic choices rather than green choices. If everyone in China could get a car, they would.

The fusion of economic choices with environmental choices can create a very fine society: making green living desirable because it represents modernity, consciousness and conjures up images of sci-fi Utopias ….

I wish i knew more. so holla at a ninja!

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  1. i don’t know anyone personally (‘sides my pops, who is into green/leed certified building design these days) but here is a writeup from your future hometown paper, just days ago:


    if it doesn’t work, the company is called solarworld — soon to be producing solar (photovoltaics?) on a super grand scale, right here in hillsboro.

    and with both the dems both promising something like 800,000 jobs in green energy… now’s the time to be thinking about a startup. the tax breaks are there to get something off the ground, and so is the public desire and momentum. pops and i were just plotting out that very thing yesterday — but he still wants me to join forces with him, instead of striking out on my own with this. you can also pick his engineer’s brain my goin to my blog and finding the link to his website.


  2. yo sascha.
    china would have a hard time proving that its being the world’s factory doesn’t emit a shitload of bad stinky gases. they’ve overtaken the US on emissions, but per capita that’s still less I guess. It’s going up up up up up though… stay tuned to that one.

    I know that back home in WestOz we have one of the largest carbon footprints in the world due to the fact that almost everything we buy is made somewhere else in the world and transported at great carbon cost to be there. Even a lot of our food. Organic cola from california anyone? carbon debt cola…

  3. oh and I did see an interesting article in “yes” magazine about sustainable buildings. apparently there’s one being built in Guangzhou that will produce more energy than it uses – 2 floors dedicated to wind turbines and a shitload of solar panels. interesting.
    still, the cities are doomed. civilisation in its current form is definitely doomed. overconsumption – who thought that was a good idea anyway?
    I’m planning on holing up in the bush with a shotgun and some kangaroos.

  4. damn that link didn’t work — i just checked it. go to the oregonian and search solarworld. and check out the sidebar too. the dude in the article is from germany — maybe you can hit him up for some info, and ask him if they need any vagabond journalists who speak deutsch to join thier company. your title could be ‘charmer of the masses.’

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