today was a good day.

didn’t even have to yell or scream. no violent threats, no mean muggin. I spent the last three days in my fine little farmhouse ont he outskirts of town and chilled. my Shifu came through unexpectedly as he always does and we got to training. he taught me how to raise my kicks higher and we both grunted with the “The Wheel” (peace to my ninja Big Scott).

A sweet little girl named Zhang Yu Shi moved in for the next two weeks and it is real nice to have her around. She cooks good stuff and keeps the house smellin slightly girly and her giggles are contagious. She is studying for her Journalism Final and thought my place would be a good spot to get some work done. Me and my new roommate Oliver be teaching her the Ways of the Vagabond and she reminds us to keep our mouths closed when we chew.

Boogie moved out .. he’s my man, but I gotta thank the Lord. My house is much cleaner now. And the rent is paid. All weekend I read Hari Kunzru’s novel “My Revolutions” about an old man remembering his revolutionary youth.

He considers himself a fool for being young and idealistic. He knows the world doesn’t work that way. But his heart rebels with every beat. Depression and Detachment are his world now, instead of Action and Defiance. He despises the rebel he once was, not because he was a rebel, but because he was only a half-rebel. He should have died with all the other real hard core revolutionaries. Instead he is a lone survivor in a world where revolutionary means organic foods and hemp fibers in your dresses. Capitalism with a heart. He should have ripped the heart out. But he didn’t. And now, at age 50. He is lost.

Lord protect me from such a fate.

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