The Hand of Death is no match for a Sweaty Human

So when yer friend is wallowing in the dark night of his/her soul, at 2am, hating him/herself, wondering if there is any meaning whatsoever, then suggest a healthy sweat.

God loves sweat. really. he loves funky humans. When we sweat, God sweats, Creation sweats and the whole universe sweats with us. When the Hand of Death rests upon a shoulder and says: its all bad. you aint shit. give it up. then you are hating self, hating God, hating Creation, Hating the Universe.

The devil’s entire plot is to get us to hate ourselves and create a dualistic, walled-off, remote connection between Man and God. That’s the whole schtick. He’s a hater. he’s trying to drive a wedge twixt the Universe and Man. hatin ass hater.

So sweat. Let God and the whole glittering thing know you got love for em and at the same time enjoy the sweet feeling of kickin the devil to the curb.

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Sascha Matuszak
Sascha Matuszak

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