its my birfday

and me and sammy have just taken our sweet time dealing with a heaping plate of biscuits and gravy at this spot down the road called the Arlita Library … now i have had some real good biscuits and gravy and i always love em. i have had some bad ones too and there is nothing more annoying. i mean all i dig on in terms of going out is a fine jack and coke, good gravy and such and maybe a good plate of nachos. thats it. i am pretty easy.

so these biscuits that arlita serves up are unbelievable. so far, it is truly the best i have had.

my family called in the middle of my meal and i talked to my dad and mom and such. its all good. now its time for me and sam to enjoy this “sunbreak” (period of time between rain in northwest USA) and maybe put on some Clint Eastwood.

Mad love atcha.

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5 thoughts on “its my birfday

  1. You forgot the part about rolling into the cafe in the smarmy sweatpants.

    i’s about to take a break and go buy you a big surprise for your berfday. bet you can’t guess what it is…

    and don’t get too comfy with “sunbreak.” i am patenting it.

  2. happy happy bornt!!!!

    will you plz re-send me your #? My phone choked and died with all my numbers in its belly.

    love kaydee

  3. yeah CG and Nicole were there … sorry if i left you guys out. i guess i just focus on sammwelly because he smells the worst and is the funniest to write about. just picture him in yer head and you’ll start snickering.

    i felt the vapors.


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