These are my last words

the things I’ve seen in life will make you gasp in surprise like a pod of dolphins dancing in the ocean at sunrise preventing my demise a healing salve for my eyes regenerate on a daily basis refusing to die i put my nose to the wind and smell a burning red robe charred and hanging in […]


The past two nights i have been drinking Yellow Tail Shiraz with my old high school buddy Maximillian. He was one of my first and best friends back when i was 16 and getting my bearings in Germany. I had a friend walk with me in a dream last night, a walk i can barely […]

mom i can’t see your hand

A Poem by an anonymous Chinese circling the web(translated): Children quickquickHold fast to Mother’s handThe Road to HeavenIs so darkMom is afraidyou’ll hit your headQuickHold fast to Mother’s handHave Mom walk with you momI’m afraidThe road to heaven is so darkI cant see your handSince the walls felland stole away the sunI haven’t been able […]

all too short, the distance mist travels …

glimpses of my other worldmemories become feelingsi am caught in mid-thoughtbreathless as they whisperthe feeling is strongestwhen they’ve already floated away like grinning urchins tugging at my sleevelike pitstop pollen on a timeless journeyi wait for them impatientlyand scramble to transcribe their messagesi can only write of the aftermathof childhood impressionsbubbling to the surface again

why do i like him

Beacuse he dreams and emotesBecause I can imagine playin ball with him Because he is one of Us who is Us? I consider Us to be those who have sat in cafesHatin on BushHatin on warsDiggin on James BrownSmokin herb and waxin philosophicalDreamin of new a energy source Makin love with all racesand diggin itSpeakin […]