mom i can’t see your hand

A Poem by an anonymous Chinese circling the web(translated):

Children quick
Hold fast to Mother’s hand
The Road to Heaven
Is so dark
Mom is afraid
you’ll hit your head
Hold fast to Mother’s hand
Have Mom walk with you

I’m afraid
The road to heaven
is so dark
I cant see your hand
Since the walls fell
and stole away the sun
I haven’t been able to see
your tender gaze

The road ahead carries no more sorrow
no more boring school books
you won’t ever see Dad’s fist again
You should remember
The image of your Father and I
In the next life, we’ll walk together again

don’t despair
the road to heaven is crowded
there are classmates and friends here
we all say
don’t cry don’t cry
every person’s mom is also my mom
every chid is my mother’s child
since my days are finished,
give your love to the living children

you shouldn’t cry
the glimmer of tears gives no light
its our road
let us take it ourselves

I will remember the image of you and dad
and remember our promise
in the next life, we’ll walk together again

Sascha Matuszak
Sascha Matuszak

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