These are my last words

the things I’ve seen in life will make you gasp in surprise
like a pod of dolphins dancing in the ocean at sunrise
preventing my demise a healing salve for my eyes
regenerate on a daily basis refusing to die

i put my nose to the wind and smell a burning red robe
charred and hanging in a gallery penetrating a lobe
frozen in motion swept away by emotion
connections give birth to a legend told by old folks in a home

and the blood of an ancient spirit drips out of my nose
a stream of slipped away dreams escaping my prose
the tighter i grip the faster it goes
to forget hurts far less than to know

my memory is like a prayer flag on top of a tomb
shredded and fluttering bravely staving off doom
one strong gust and i’ll be left alone in a room
my firefly spark calling out in the gloom



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Sascha Matuszak

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