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now its really on

The downturn just hit my household. The main breadwinner int he house stands to lose her job come April. Her bosses are pretty unimaginative when

droppin the hammer on McCain

Obama dropped it during the debate and this story in the Rolling Stone lays it all out … pass it on. Update: Jesus. I know

Go Longhair!

I was in Hong Kong during the WTO Ministerial in 2005 — here is part one of a four part series I wrote while i

Dont Believe the Hype

So the Games are over and the Western media is tapping into the fear the American nation has for China’s rise. Its all smoke and

We Need Your Help

I was thinking about young Chinese this morning. Last night i was chillin with Li Du, Zachary Mexico and Liang Kegang in a KTV establishment.

The good news is

That the Chinese are ready to do this. Just Imagine: Your dad grew up smilin if he got some pork in his rice bowl.Your granddad

2008 Olympics: For Chinese only!

The visa situation in China is getting more and more frustrating for foreigners trying to do anything here. How to extend or wiggle one’s way

Wandering Blind

I can’t read my blog right now, but that might end. It has been a common occurrence since I started this thing. Sometimes my proxy

Will Autumn Ever Come?

“Young Fool, only now, at the end, do you understand …” Yesterday I arrived back home from Dujiangyan and there was a small crowd of

holla at me

does anyone out there work with alternative fuels/renewable energy on a large scale — research, investment, development, promotion over breakfast at the sunny side up

Tell that b*tch to chill!

Its time to concede Hillary. I like to believe that the universe works according to my whim. My decision to stay here in China until

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