Tell that b*tch to chill!

Its time to concede Hillary.

I like to believe that the universe works according to my whim. My decision to stay here in China until after the Olympics and then boogie to Portland in September seems to be in line with all that is transpiring in the world.

In September, I will see if it is at all possible to influence the politics of the nation. After November, when Obama — if all goes according to my whim — becomes the first mulatto president of the US, then I will see what institutions and tools are already in place to help unify and marshall the American people.

It can happen. Kennedy created the Peace Corps to take our asses out into the World, what will Obama create to bring our asses back home to re-make the American Dream in the image of the people who dream it?

“Let’s do this, girl!”

Sascha Matuszak
Sascha Matuszak

One thought on “Tell that b*tch to chill!

  1. Portland wins the poll! Woo hoo!
    Obama just announced he will be here tomorrow and Friday. I will spread the love if i get credentialed to go into the event. Word………

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