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Yesterday i climbed as far as it is possible to climb right and Qing Cheng mtn is def. devastated near the top. Past the Tai An Old town basically every building lies in ruins. There are a few valleys which will take months to clear. Boulders and huge chunks of mountain clog the roads at the very top and have buried several hundred people, both locals and older tourists retiring in the Jade City.

The Daoist monks, all 16 of them, made it out as far as I now. They are at th bottom of the mountain. The White Cloud (not Lotus) Monastery is shaken but still standing. The people are in good spirits, but very listless. They are living in tents and receiving more than enough supplies and aid from military, private indiv. volunteer groups and the police. The relief effort is bad-ass. The soldiers showed up on the 14th and had all important roads cleared by the night of the 15th. Supplies and such rolled in soon after. No one will die there anymore.

But the locals relied on tourism to live, so their homes and livelihoods have been taken away from them. There is an air of uncertainty and stoicism, laughter and silent stares, generosity and muted pleas to have us spread the word …

a few notes:

CNN those crackers, reported that “all is good” the Americans have arrived with generators. What BS. The Americans donated 500,000USD which I have to defend now where ever I go. When the locals hear I am American, they immediately say: 500K? what the hell? And then they praise me and thank me because I showed up. Its important that people see that all Americans aren’t crackers like those in office.

Betcha those generators run on 110V … hahaha

Jackie Chan gave about 13million USD. Granted, he’s Chinese, but the US is supposedly the “Greatest Goddamn Nation in the World!”

and one more note that I think is pretty insane (amongst the hundreds that I could write):

a teenager pulled out of the rubble yesterday — surrounded by the rotting dead bodies of his classmates said:

“Uncle, can I get a Coke?”
“Sure son, right away!”
“Uncle! make sure its ice cold …”

China will come out of this stronger … peace.

Tongiht i will take the time to put pics and links up.

Sascha Matuszak
Sascha Matuszak

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  1. Thank you for your information about the conditions on Qing Chen Shan after the earthquake. Appreciate knowing the 16 Taoist got out safely. Do you have any info on Tai Shi Dong, Cave of the Heavenly Master Temple? About half way up Qing Chen? Did it survive the earthquake? I have friends there. Thank You
    A Taoist in Minnesota USA

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