The good news is

That the Chinese are ready to do this. Just Imagine:

Your dad grew up smilin if he got some pork in his rice bowl.
Your granddad grew up smilin if he got to shoot the invader that raped his village

You are smilin cuz pork is in everyone’s bowl. No one dares invade. You got access to all the music, all the movies, all the clothes, all the books, all the luxuries your parents stare dumbfounded at.

You decide to throw a party and invite all of your dad’s buddies, your granddad’s buddies and you also invite all sorts of strangers to come. You build huge venues, new hotels, new roads, new metro stations and plant flowers everywhere for all these guests. You cook the best food you got. You tell all the bums and thugs that normally hang out at your place to take off for the week.

You stand at the door and are filled with pride, tears well up in your eyes and you smile as the guests begin to arrive.

Some punks start talkin about bombing your house. The guests ignore you and stroll past, fingering the curtains, muttering about the yard and sneer at your food …

Your smile falters, but then granddad appears at your side, takes your hand and squeezes. He is crying with you. He’s got some pork in his bowl. Its all good.

Today is gonna be just fine …

I apologize to all my chinese homies if i am harsh and offensive. I love this place. All the funk and dirt and raucous yellin is music. I know I will be bored in the US at times. and I know I will long for a funky hot pot spot …

I am entitled to my complex emotions. This is my only defense.

“Even the haters in yer town know its goin down”

mad love atcha!

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Sascha Matuszak
Sascha Matuszak

3 thoughts on “The good news is

  1. chach,
    it’s crazy, it’s the O’s, It’s on tv everywhere in the states. Cooking shows. traveling shows, nat geo had a special last night ’bout the body snachers. In everything you see one thing remains the same, the journalists talk about how much is changing. New this ,new that, it seems everything old is being torn down. on the surface anyway. But you can still hear the sarcasism if you listen, the toliets, the housing, etc..I want to say “what did you expect, have you never traveled outside the states? Probably Not. Be there soon buddy, I’ll hold your hand.

  2. Rayphoon: I be thinking too much cuz i be thinking too much …what do you mean “i got to go?”

    B6: i feel you. but you gotta stop with this “cat lady hold yer hand” stuff my man or I’ll have to body slam that ass a SECOND TIME … ya heard.

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