In this small blurb about a photo that made it into a tabloid about the Tiananmen protests in 1989, we see another example of the many people these days who don’t know about what happened and frankly don’t care, yet face the consequences for their ignorance. I wrote before about a couple of copy editors who were fired in Chengdu because they let in an ad about the protests — most likely unknowingly. What irony: the white-washing of history forces the past back out into the open …

There have been news reports about a “new group” of Islamic terrorists that are threatening China with attacks during the Olympics. China has denied that these guys had anything to do with the bombings in Kunming. They have a video up that shows several photos of bombings and explosions that have taken place throughout CHina in the past few months.

It is likely that they are not responsible for many of these incidents, but the fact that they are making a racket about bombing and killing people is enough to set the security apparatus in Beijing churning away. Naturally, the work will be done behind the scenes, as China wants to ensure that the public are not agitated before the Games.

it is interesting to think about all of the would-be bombers who have been caught, behind the scenes, while people went about their daily lives, oblivious …

Keeping this information secret has its merits: if the people knew all the details, paranoia would set in and racist violence would be its sneering accompaniment.

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