Clean Energy

Friedmann has been hammering away at this issue for the past few weeks. I think the nation is ready for a Kennedy-style mission to develop clean energy. talk about killing a flock of crows with one stone:

A US developed clean energy alternative to oil would revamp the economy, create jobs, remove the need to kill and occupy Arabs, remove the dagger from the throat of the environment and bring the nation back into the spotlight as a beacon rather than a dark force of war and imperialism. If yer American, get to the phones and holla at your worthless representatives and give them something worthwhile to do.

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4 thoughts on “Clean Energy

  1. Aint nothing cleaner than pumping your own two legs, instead of pumping gas. It happens a lot in ptown and results in an entirely different set of problems — though they’re more interpersonal than global. Check out the word on cyclists hating on drivers in last weeks Willy Week:
    It’s kinda funny, kinda sensationalized at the same time.

  2. o and by the way, in spite of the pain at the pump, $4.11 isn’t the worst thing that’s ever happened to us. I kinda think it’s a good thing — market forces forcing people to reconsider overconsumption. Here in ptown, gas consumption is down five percent in the past two months, while public transportation ridership is up five percent.

    still, it’s clear we still have lots of work to do.

  3. word. this is what friedmann is arguing as well… that high gas prices are the only way to wean the nation off of cars.

    also it is clear that the US has multiple centers of development … places hit hard by gas and the housing crunch and places that are not hit hard …

    it would be interesting to see an analysis of the US (gas, housing, green-ness) across regional lines …

  4. sorry i am very nearly computer illiterate and don’t really know how to hyperlink these — but here are some good maps that deliver info on housing/energy… obviously there are a lot more of these maps out there, but it’s a start. now we just need some crack turkamerican journalisto to analyze them and surmise away:

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