I got a new story up, a lil something about a big boss I met back in the day called: Boss Sung’s Wife. I met a lot of bosses during my time here in China. I wrote about some of them but I always loved the Boss Sung character. He was truly over the top. Slightly homosexual, domineering, completely full of shit, flashy and even if half of his lies were actually true, fabulously rich. Everyone around him bowed down. As a foreigner, I was allowed to step in and be right next to him, no matter my lack of skillz, connections, cash or interest in whatever bullshit he was up to.

I got a few more along this vein that i’ll pop up …. sooner or later.

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Sascha Matuszak

2 thoughts on “Big Bosses

  1. I laughed at the comical imagery of the “Boss” character and his cronies and your interaction with them. Then the dark real life conclusion brought me back to the sadness of making difficult decisions that affect others self-image, even if you are doing the right thing by being true to yourself. Great Story!

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